Arjuna Herb For Heart

Arjuna Herb For Heart

Arjun is made out of the bark of the Arjun Tree (Terminalia Arjuna), commonly refer to as Arjuna. In conventional Indian Ayurveda, it’s far use to assist the heart and for the balancing of physical features. The Arjuna bark has been utilize in traditional Indian restoration for over 3000 years.

Arjuna is ordinarily used to aid a healthful coronary heart and circulate and for infrequent digestive troubles. Arjuna has numerous homes that help in improving the blood flow in our body. While the herb has been acknowledged to flush out poisonous impurities inside the frame to help overall fitness. Arjuna bark is likewise known to be an anti inflammatory herb. The extraction of chebulagic acid from Arjuna allows assist digestive health. Other blessings encompass its antioxidant homes, lung assist and liver health.

Plant Description :

Arjuna is a moderate sized deciduous tree which grows as much as as high as 20 meters. The tree sheds it pores and skin and its timber grow to be wood once it finishes dropping. The leaves of Arjuna are subopposite rectangular, are simple, coriaceous and crenulate. While the plant life of Arjuna are visible in panicles of spikes and are white in colour. Fruits of Arjuna have five-7 wings and are ovoid of oblong. The flowering season of the Arjuna begins within the period from April to May.

Medicinal Properties :

Plant pacifies vitiated Pitta, Kapha, poison, wound, fever, pores and skin illnesses, and blends the fractured bones.

Useful elements of Arjuna: Bark.

Botanical Description :

Name:  Arjuna
Botanical name:  Terminalia arjuna
Family:  Combreteaceae
Sanskrit Synonyms:  Arjuna, Viravriksha, Kukubha, Partha, Nadisarja

Plant Name in Different Languages:

English : Arjuna terminalia
Hindi : Kahu, Arjuna
Malyalam:  Neermaruthu

Ayurvedic Properties:

Rasa :  Tikta, Kashaya
Guna :   Rooksha, Lakhu
Virya :  Seeta

Wonder blessings of arjuna :

Cardiac health: Arjuna is a well-known heart tonic and aerobic-shielding herb. strengthens the heart muscles and treats the cardiac debility. Additionally will increase the coronary artery float and protects the heart muscle groups from ischemic damage. It is suggest to use its decoction with milk or ghee or clarified butter. Arjuna is the first-class recognised ayurvedic herb for the heart.
Piles: The medicinal wine of arjuna bark, dhataki and manuka-blackraisins is useful in treating while bleeding piles and leucorrhoea. The affected person ought to to take 2-four teaspoons twice a day.

Body odour: The powder made of same proportion each of arjuna vegetation. Jambu leaves and Lodhra bark while applied over the frame, helps to dispose of body odour.

Fractures: When the paste of the bark is carrie out over the fractures, enables to promote early recuperation.

Pimples: Apply the paste of arjuna or in mixture with other herbs together with milk facilitates to reduces acne (zits).

Black spots: Apply the combination of the powder of arjuna bark. And manjistha (Rubria cordifolia) root with honey over the face. Allows to eliminate the blackspots and makes the face blooming like lotus.

Teeth cleaning: Arjuna twig is use for enamel-cleansing.

Chest Pain: The use of the bark of the herb is useful in curing of chest ache.

Breast most cancers: The herb consists of a substance known as casuarinin that seems to prevent breast most cancers.

Unknown Makes Use Of  Arjuna :

Antioxidant: It is use as antioxidant to fight free radicals thus prevents in opposition to many sicknesses and problems.

Cholesterol:  The right use of the herb facilitates to keep wholesome ldl cholesterol degree.

Ulcer:  The use of it allows to prevent ulcer inside the frame

Vitality: It is use for power.

Lymph tonic: It is use as lymph tonic for the heart.

Blood drift:  It also promotes ordinary blood waft.

Heart pressure:  It allows to nullify the effect of stress at the coronary heart.

Blood thinner:  This herb may be use as blood thinner.

Giddiness:  It also reduces the signs of giddiness, headache and insomnia

Side Effects Of Arjuna :

  • Low dosages have to be prefer.
  • High dose may harm the liver.
  • High dose reduces the thyroid gland hobby.
  • Enough quantity of it results in body temperature
  • Diabetic or BP patients need to avoid taking overdose.

How to Take Terminalia Arjuna :

A popular dose for the functions of cardiac health appears to be 500mg of the bark (water extract). Take day by day in the morning without meals. (no proof exists to signify that taking it with meals is horrific or some thing). For people who suffer cardiac trauma (together with Myocardial Infarction). This dose tends to be take thrice a day each eight hours.
The leaf extracts and ethanolic extracts look like extra associat with the cytotoxic and anti-tumor outcomes, however no longer sufficient evidence exists to recommend an active dose of these extracts for human intake

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