Bael Fruit Benefits

Bael Fruit Benefits

Bael Trees

The fruit balances Kaph and Vata doshas. Its roots improve digestion, leaves are suitable. For pain, stem for coronary heart and bel flower’s. For curing of diarrhea Bael Fruit Benefits.

The fruits, commonly known as Bael. Are available during summer season. They have hard green outer covering and yellow pulp with seeds. The ripe fruits are eaten fresh and also used to make Sharbat.

In Ayurveda, the dried pulp of the unripe Bael fruit. Is given along with other ingredients. For dysentery, piles, dyspepsia, jaundice, scrofula, indigestion and chronic fever. The leaves are indicated in jaundice and anasarca. The leaf decoction kis given in case of asthmatic complaints.

In Homeopathy, there are two remedies. Of Beal, Aegle folia and Aegle marmelos. Aegle marmelos is prepared from fruits. Whereas remedy Aegle folia is prepared from the leaves.

Bael Trees 

Scientific name: – Aegle marmelos

 Kingdom: – Plantae

 Order: – Sapindales

 Family: – Rutaceae

 Genus: – Aegle

 Species: – A. marmelos

General Uses:

This “Shloka” is likewise spoken while imparting Bilva-Patra to Shiva. In addition to 3 leaflets, it have to be tender, without holes, with out spots and unbroken. The thicker a part of the ‘Belpatta’ twig which is related to the tree(known as vajra) should be removed. While imparting to Shiva or different gods, the ‘Belpatra’ need to be placed upside down i.E. Clean face touching the ‘Linga’ and tip far from the devotee. There is an 8 “Shloka” “Bilvashtakam” which describes the importance of Bilva-Patra.

Not handiest Bael-leaves however Bael fruit and vegetation are offer to Shiva. Flowers are to be simplest for a few days in a year and surround via honey bees. So it not often possible to get it. But when it plants between last week of April to the first week. Of May, the entire surrounding is charge with its divine perfume. Bael fruit is to be nearly throughout. The 12 months and it’s miles supplied to Shiva.

The worship of Shiva-linga below a ‘Bilva-Tree’ may be very fruitful. Watering a ‘Bilva-Tree’ with simple ‘Jalam’ or ‘Gangajalam’ gives the ‘Punya’ of touring all ‘Tirthas’. Putting the water from close to the foundation of this tree at the forehead destroys all “Papam”.

Medical uses:


In Ayurveda, it’s far use for the remedy of tuberculosis.


Bael fruit considered accurate for the heart. It used for a long time in India to prevent heart sicknesses like heart strokes and assaults. Add the fruit to daily weight loss plan to save you heart sicknesses.


Ripe bael fruit is take into consideration as high-quality of all laxatives. Regular consumption of bael fruit for 2 or 3 months allows in evacuating. The old gathered fecal remember from the bowels thereby cleaning and toning the intestines. It’s advised to take it in the shape of sherbet. Which is ready from the pulp of the ripe fruit.


The bark of this plant is frequently use inside the treatment of malaria. On the opposite hand the pulp of this fruit. Is use to deal with vitiligo. However, it is endorse to seek advice. From your physician first in such instances.


The juice extracted from bael leaves can be taken after blending it with honey to get remedy from fever. Add this scrumptious and beneficial fruits on. Your weight loss plan all these fitness blessings.


This fruit is likewise very useful in acute dysentery. While there is specific sensation to defecate. It is consider to be even extra powerful in sub-acute and chronic instances. Use of this fruit, facilitates stool expect a more feculent and strong form.


Another essential gain of bael comes from. Its being therapeutic in nature. Thus, the extract from the bael leaf may be use to control the cholesterol levels within the blood. Add bael for your weight-reduction plan if are making plans to govern your levels of cholesterol.

Side Effects & Safety:

There isn’t enough records to understand if bael is secure. Large quantities can also purpose stomach disillusioned and constipation.

Special Precaution & Warnings:

Pregnancy and breast-feeding: There is not enough dependable information approximately. The protection of taking bael in case you are pregnant or breast-feeding. Stay at the safe side and avoid use.

Diabetes: Bael would possibly decrease blood sugar levels. If you’ve got diabetes and take medications to decrease. Your blood sugar, adding bael would possibly make. Your blood sugar drop too low. Monitor your blood sugar carefully.

Surgery: There is a issue that bael may intrude. With blood sugar manage throughout and after surgical procedure. Stop the use of bael at least 2 weeks earlier than a scheduled surgery.


The appropriate dose of bael depends on several factors together with the user’s age, health, and numerous different conditions. At this time there is not sufficient scientific records to determine the suitable variety of doses for bael. Keep in mind that herbal products are not usually always safe and dosages can be critical. Be certain to follow relevant directions. On product labels and consult your pharmacist or medical doctor or other healthcare professional before the usage of.


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