Broccoli Nutrition

Broccoli Nutrition

About Broccoli

Your dad and mom knew what became up after they advised you to eat your broccoli nutrition. This verdant vegetable is a powerhouse of vitamins. Broccoli-Nutrition It’s reputed to gain digestion, the cardiovascular system and the immune device, and to have anti inflammatory and even cancer-stopping properties. Broccoli-Nutrition Plus, broccoli nutrition is low in sodium and energy, at about 31 calories consistent with serving. It’s additionally a fat-free vegetable.

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Broccoli has an impressive dietary profile. It is “excessive in fiber, very high in vitamin C and has potassium, B6 and diet A,” raved Victoria Jarzabkowski, a nutritionist with the Fitness Institute of Texas at the University of Texas at Austin. “For a nonstarchy vegetable, it has a great amount of protein.”

Broccoli Nutrition
Broccoli Nutrition

Nutrition Facts

Raw broccoli carries almost 90% water, 7% carbs, 3% protein, and nearly no fats.
Broccoli is very low in energy, imparting handiest 31 calories in step with cup (ninety one grams).
The nutrition statistics for 1 cup (ninety one grams) of uncooked broccoli are (three):
How to Use:
Use roasted, raw, steamed, sauteed in salads, casseroles, skillet meals, Nourish Bowls, juice, or even upload to smoothies.

Nutrient Breakdown of Broccoli:

*in keeping with 1 cup

Fiber — 1 cup of uncooked broccoli contains 2g fiber
Protein — 1 cup of raw broccoli incorporates 3g protein
Vitamin A — 11% DV
Vita C — 135% DV
Vitamin E — 4% DV
Vita K — 116% DV
B vitamins — B6, B2, B1, B5
Folate — 14% DV
Calcium — 5% DV
Iron — 5% DV
Magnesium — 5% DV
Phosphorus — 6% DV
Potassium — 8% DV
Manganese — 10% DV


Similar to kale and other cruciferous greens, broccoli consists of fiber compounds that bind very well to bile acids in our digestive systems, which ultimately help to decrease ldl cholesterol, mainly whilst cooked. Broccoli Nutrition is also outstanding for average anti-inflammatory advantages in our bodies in addition to presenting an additional improve in cleansing support (especially from ITC’s), protection in opposition to oxidative stress, cardiovascular assist, digestive help, and safety from sure cancers. Broccoli has effective average fitness benefits from their antioxidants, sulforaphane, minerals, nutrients, and fiber.


Broccoli’s carbs mainly consist of fiber and sugars.
The sugars are fructose, glucose, and sucrose, with small amounts of lactose and maltose (four).
However, the total carb content material may be very low, with best 3.5 grams of digestible carbs in keeping with cup (ninety one grams).

Cancer prevention

Probably the most publicized fitness gain of broccoli is its feasible ability to help save you most cancers. “Broccoli is a cruciferous vegetable, and all greens on this organization can be shielding against some stomach and intestinal cancers,” Jarzabkowski said.

The American Cancer Society notes broccoli’s isothiocyanates, which include sulforaphane and indole-three-carbinol. These chemicals boost detoxifying enzymes and act as antioxidants, lowering oxidative stress. Broccoli Nutrition additionally may affect estrogen levels, which may additionally help reduce breast most cancers hazard.

Cholesterol discount

According to Jarzabkowski, broccoli can assist decrease cholesterol because the soluble fiber in the vegetable binds with the ldl cholesterol within the blood. This binding makes the cholesterol less complicated to excrete, and therefore lessens levels of cholesterol in the body.

Health Benefits of Broccoli

Vegetables like broccoli belonging to the plant genus Brassica contain lots of fitness-promoting compounds and probably powerful phytochemicals. These vitamins make contributions towards:

  • Protection against cell harm: Broccoli incorporates glucosinolates and diet C, which have been proven to fight against oxidative pressure.
  • Improved blood sugar: Broccoli includes sulforaphane, which can also inhibit glucose production and enhance glucose.
  • Reduced danger of most cancers: Diets rich in cruciferous vegetable intake, inclusive of broccoli, can also lessen most cancers danger in lots of tissues such as lung, bladder, and prostate.


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