Use gravity

Get gravity for your facet by way of dozing along with your head multiplied to save you extra fluid buildup.

Attack allergies

Change your pillow case and wash your pillow regularly to reduce allergens. If your eyes are itchy, strive now not to rub them and take an antihistamine to assist reduce any redness or itchiness.

Reduce salt

Cut down on salt all through the day and earlier than bed. Extra salt = water retention. Drink masses of water to hold your gadget flushed as this will additionally assist save you eye puffiness.


If you need check those (eye) baggage once and for all, do what you can to stay hydrated. Though it may sound counterintuitive, drinking plenty of water is crucial for helping your body naturally flush out fluids that purpose swelling. A few instances an afternoon, take a water wreck, or continually maintain a bottle nearby so you can sip as you move about your enterprise. Women should purpose for approximately 9 cups of water a day, whilst guys must get approximately thirteen. Remember that teas, soups and fruits and greens additionally rely closer to your daily tally.


Green tea is a boon to pores and skin: It’s packed with antioxidants that combat unfastened radicals (which damage down pores and skin cells), plus it has anti-inflammatory properties, making it an top of the line remedy for swelling. The tea’s tannins act as a gentle astringent and its caffeine constricts blood waft that reasons puffiness. Soak two teabags in ice water for several mins, then cover the underneath-eye area with them; wait for 15 to 20 minutes for quality effects.


Slice a raw potato (after refrigerating for a few minutes) into and circle the closed eyes lightly with those halves. Place it in your eyes so that it also covers the puffed ares beneath your eyes and leave it like that for 15-20 minutes. You’ll observe a excellent alternate in the ones baggage as they may be faded in size.

Milky manner

If you have extremely overrated eyes this is the everyday regime that you may need to follow. Dip cotton pads in chilled milk and vicinity for your eyelids and loosen up for 20-30 minutes. This nicely assist your eyes in water retention and it’d also cool them off .

Cucumber comfort

Cucumbers are a notable natural treatment to put off underneath eye puffiness. Take 2 slices of clean refrigerated cucumber and vicinity it on your eyes for 25 minutes. Relax with the cool soothing slices over your eyes and slip right into a short nap, HOME REMEDIES FOR EYE BAGS  it will help refresh your thoughts as well as your eyes, and the anti-inflammatory properties of the cool cucumber will obviously assist reduce puffy tissues.

Hydrate your frame

Drink as lots water as possible. Yes, it seems counter-intuitive when you are preserving water, but hydrating reduces puffiness. So drink a tumbler of water on every occasion you notice your eyes getting a touch droopy.


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