How To Be Healthy

How To Be Healthy

Tips to get How To Be Healthy

1) If the every day drink a glass of buttermilk Heart assault isn’t.

2) Remember the ability to take one day in Peru for 15 days straight, to give the youngsters.

3) If the juice once every year for 15 days carrot malignancy isn’t

4) each 4 sitaphalaci to eat and 3 km walk the rst 1 km customary strolling hand in front and back is out potavaraci fat, strolling like another kilometer ketavoka should fell a line feet, should lay turned entrail not dyspeptic inconveniences, potavaraci fat is gone, the pancreas needs to work and can not endure like sugar and strolling three kilometers Army march.

5) day to eat a spoon of white sesame seeds  get solid bones

6)to hear  camacabhara onion juice to save, tossing a drop of nectar, to vastragala with warm water and dart tossing cotton ear ears. 3 days or 6 to 7 days. 15 days

7) for sarirasuddhi about 3 back to back days once a year account with the dad drinking new buttermilk f. Healthy  the previous evening a little water Savarkar. Be that as it may, not on the rst day, the night takes feel drained, as lujha the movement. The following day was disturbed home. On the third day to live off to bed. fourth day from 8 divasaparyanta determination of rice to eat  eat bean stew 8 days.

8) diuretics to camacabhara half glasata fenugreek seeds in warm water to swallow.

9) connect develop Rita 3 to 5 containers a spoon to evacuate the cuts of ginger powder 1 atavuna toss water, do vastragala, putting the glass jug and put in 8 days 2-2 consistently Savarkar Thembu ring.

10) mulavyadha for  a large portion of a lemon salt and shake salt there 4 to 5 tbsp cast and pickles cakhalyasarakhe taste. Stops 10 minutes. Morning and night to 7 days a year. Potapana not get away

11) just once every year, clean lift for 15 days and drink (250 ml liter) Rs cost of 1260/ – is just accessible in oral and organic product juice. The syrup is sarakheya. Diet No. Much work tragic not gettired midriff, knees, hopeless, BP will be out oftrouble. Warmth, mulavyadhaca, Healthy hair inconveniences blur away

12) Wash the lemon with space to save, and the third a moment from 1 moment to rub heating soft drink to expel and daginyammule him. 7 days straight if the stains are totally gone.

13) 5 to 6 tablespoon dugha and put him with the lemon pilayaca 30 minutes and put on the face. To once per week. The skin was brilliant in shading

14) made of Tulsi leaves squeeze in the night and don’t go to the excellence parlor washed in the first part of the day. There is no compelling reason to make. Face every single dark stain are no more.

15) entrail ailment lay vavadinga camacabhara vatibhara absorb the water during the evening, morning spoon to lter the water after his ukalavuna hard.

16) ear on this gap to sugarcane embarrassment, he will consume and camacabhara need to take a hot nectar and the juice of a Thembu cast, and need to vastragala ears, cotton plant.

17) hands perspiring feet-suparice take a Khanda – eating in the first part of the day and at night – 15 days.

18) lls the chest little kids, butit was cold – cecayaci take a large portion of a spoon of nectar mustard and include a Thembu – to give the infant a similar smell only 1 minutes.

19) of alum in water shower for 8 days (when a month for 3 – 4 times each year that). If the hand does notitch feet, Healthy tingle, ringworm won’t be

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