Uses of Neem: A Herb That Heals 

A Herb That Heals 

Plant Description Neem trees can attain 15–30 metres (49–ninety eight ft) in height and feature appealing rounded crowns and thick furrowed bark. The compoundleaves have toothed leaflets and are typically evergreen however do drop at some point of durations of intense drought. The small fragrant white plants are bisexual or staminate (male) and are borne … Read moreUses of Neem: A Herb That Heals 

Turmeric Ayurveda


 Turmeric Ayurveda #Introduction Turmeric has likewise been utilized for a considerable length of time in Ayurvedic prescription. Which coordinates the restorative properties of herbs with sustenance. This exceptional herb has discovered its way into the spotlight in the west and rest of globe. In light of its wide scope of therapeutic advantages. Utilization of turmeric … Read moreTurmeric Ayurveda



Feverfew (Tanacetum Parthenium) Kingdom: Plantae Clade: Angiosperms Clade: Eudicots Clade: Asterids Order: Asterales Family: Asteraceae Genus: Tanacetum Species: T. parthenium Feverfew – Feverfew (Tanacetum parthenium L.) has a place with the family Asteraceae (daisies). It is a daisy-like enduring plant found regularly in greenery enclosures and along roadsides. The name comes from the Latin word febrifugia, … Read moreFeverfew

Fenugreek benefits for men

Fenugreek benefits for men

Introduction  Fenugreek, Methi Funugreek is use as vegetable pulse. The  leaves and young pods are use as greens and the seed as condiments. It has additional some medicinal – fee. It prevents constipation, removes indigestion, stimulates the spleen and is appetizing and diuretic. The leaves are pretty wealthy in protein minerals and vitamin C. Plants … Read moreFenugreek benefits for men

Healthy lifestyle for college students

Health and Wellness Tips for College Students Between assessments, papers and preserving an active social lifestyles, many university college students sense they can’t honestly discover the time to maintain up on their private health and wellness until an contamination catches hold and forestalls them of their tracks. With maximum colleges supplying fitness care and infinite … Read moreHealthy lifestyle for college students