Thyroid Table

Thyroid Table

Diet to Improve Your Thyroid & Weight Loss

We noticed many patients suffering from thyroid problems, tried every form of remedy to be had but have now not capable of locate the right technique to their thyroid signs. Thyroid disease may be very familiar in todays global,courtesy of some of specific life fashion component.

Ancient ayurvedic sagas gave us a holy present of ayurvedic precept for problem unfastened life. These ayurvedic concepts now not simplest prevent thyroid disease however  additionally therapy the thyroid ailment from root motive.Ayurveda, the historical Indian medicinal practice, terms the bio-chemical (metabolism) process as ‘agni,’ answerable for all the activities within the frame, up to the cell degree.

Thyroid feature is attributed via Dhatwagni. Basal metabolic fee of body is regularized through Dhatwagni and Jatharagni.


Dysfunction of thyroid gland because of following cause; (According to fashionable science )

Improper food regimen which result in loss of nutrition

  • Stress
  • Lack of sensible exercise
  • Pregnancy and menopause at higher risk due to hormonal shifting.
  • Lack of sleep

Thyroid gland adjust our frame metabolism together with this performs essential position in  temperature regulation, launch catacolamine, experience good hormones.

One of our hormone doesn’t paintings at its height performance then all other hormones like Growth hormones,Insulin ,Estrogen and so on go through too.

It disturbs Vitamin & mineral synthesis.Therefore our fats metabolism ,calcium absorption, dozing pattern mood stabilizer, alertness the whole thing suffer.

Diet routine for Thyroid 

Ayurveda attributes the reason of thyroid sickness to the imbalance of tri-doshas as a result of climatic conditions, impure water consumption, in-nutritious ingredients and unhealthy dietary behavior along side disturbance in dinacharya.

Ayurveda additionally attention a way to preserve thyroid feature with the aid of regulating metabolism of your frame By following healthy food plan and exercising.

Breakfast: 8AM -9 AM

Tea (no tea on empty stomach),milk ½ glass

Fruit (besides orange,santra ,banana,gua )

Home made laddu moong dal,nachani,rajgira upama,soonji halwa,paratha,daliya,chapatti-sabji,

Lunch: 12pm-1 pm 

Chapatti+sabji+moong dal curry+rice ½ bowl+buttermilk+salad

Breakfast: 5pm-6 pm

Fruit – chikoo,papaya,anar,apple,anjir,all sweet seasonal fruits /home made laddo

Dinner: 8pm-9pm

chapati+ sabji/moong dal khichadi/daliya.

Basic hints for food plan :

Eating fresh food,healthful meals,eating in peace.

Avoid soup (over cooked food)

Whole fruit rather than juice,consume atleast one fruit daily.

Eating food rich in fibre,vege.

Eat often,in no way skip lunch and dinner and divide your meal into three-four food.

Throw out rapid food,junk meals-crisp,chocolate,biscuit,potato,white rice,white bread,pasta,dairy products,frozen meals,processed meat.

Finish your ultimate meal as a minimum 2 hrs previous to snoozing.

“Exercise is non-negoitable, unless you exercising,you may by no means see enough of outcomes, in spite of of all of your correct eating conduct.”

Home Remedies for thyroid

The use of jalkumbhi and drumstick ought to carried out in sufferers. It will increase the amount of iodine, the lack of which, according to Allopathy, is one of the factors accountable for the sickness.


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